Pre-Wedding Shoots

The purpose of life is to capture beautiful emotions and memories, and those special moments which will make you smile when you look back at them – and that’s exactly what a pre-wedding shoot is all about. Pre-wedding photoshoots are perfect for capturing those happy, anticipation-filled moments right before your wedding day, and are becoming increasingly popular among couples who are looking forward to the big day and embarking on a new adventure.

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It is a perfect opportunity to capture the magic of your pre-wedding romance in the most majestic and dreamy of ways. India offers a plethora of magical pre-wedding photoshoots locations that are bound to leave you spellbound and create a more romantic and enchanting ambiance.

Best 15 Locations for Pre-Wedding photoshoots in India

So if your big day is approaching and you are looking for some glamorous places for pre-wedding photoshoots in India, you are in luck as we have listed down 15 incredible locations for pre-wedding shoots in India just for you.

1- Jodhpur: Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace

It is and has always been the Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace which stands out as the best pre-wedding photoshoots location in India in terms of heritage, class, and royalty. If these are the qualities that you feel the closest to, then this place is the perfect choice for you. This heritage hotel in India will highlight the luxury and passion in your photos like no other, making them as spectacular and great as your love.

Specialty: A royal touch, a welcoming staff, a beautiful site, and the availability of changing rooms.

2- Hyderabad: Taj Falaknuma Palace

One of the top hotels in India for a pre-wedding picture shoot is the Taj Faluknama Palace in Hyderabad, which is frequently picked by celebrities as their residence for both weddings and stays. This location is one of the most popular in India for couples looking to have a royal picture shoot since the Nizami charm of the area perfectly complements modern love.

Specialty: Architecture, various backdrops, heritage trails.

3- Udaipur: The Oberoi Udaivilas

The Oberoi Udaivilas, one of the top locations in India for pre-wedding photography, is a couple’s fantasy come true if they want their pre-wedding photos to combine lavish elegance, love, and grandeur. Of course, the hotel’s royal architecture will draw attention to your unique personality and provide you with the romantic photo shoot you’ve always imagined.

Specialty: Natural settings, a royal touch, a kind welcome, and a view of the garden and pool are all specialties.

4- Kumarakom: Kumarakom Lake Resort

Embark on a journey through the backwaters of Kerala and indulge in the most amazing pre-marriage photo shoot of your life as you take a ride through this paradise of love in its purest form.  As you may have imagined, Kumarakom Lake Resort is among the best places in India to get great photographs for your pre-wedding photoshoot with its graceful setting bringing out the romantic aspect of your love story and imbuing the photos with an elegant aura.

Specialty: Luxurious, rich captures, backwaters backdrop.

5- Jaipur: Taj Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is among the top heritage hotels in India for the purpose if you’re trying to bring out everything positive and lovely in your connection. This palace has a mystical aura around it that is visible when you look through the camera, making it ideal for both day and night shooting.

Specialty: Beautiful backdrop, authentic Rajasthan architecture.

6- Goa: Park Hyatt Goa Resort And Spa

One of the best locations in India for a beach pre-wedding shoot is Park Hyatt Resort Goa Resort and Spa. This five-star hotel in Goa truly captures the tropical love that every couple so deeply feels here. It is captivating, bizarre, and delightfully romantic. The pictures are obviously incredibly romantic. One of the best locations in India for pre-wedding photography because of the beach backdrop that makes the photos look like postcards.

Specialty: Beach backdrops, changing rooms available, dress in style

7- Agra: Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, the most well-known representation of love, is the ideal setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot in India. Yes, this white marble monument and its lovely grounds provide a beautiful backdrop for your pre-wedding memories if you and your partner feel that your love will endure forever and more. The wonder of the world was built by a husband for his wife, what better backdrop could there be than one of the seven wonders of the world that he has built for her?

Specialty: Hereditary place, beautiful backdrop, rich history.

8- Rishikesh: Lakshman Jhula

The 450-foot-long Lakshman Jhula is an iron suspension bridge that was built over the Ganga in 1923. It is located in Rishikesh which is the clear choice for couples looking to travel off the tourist trail and take beautiful photos in a unique but picturesque location. Rishikesh is one of the top locations in India for pre-wedding photography because of its combination of mountainous terrain, clean waterways, and white sand which creates a location that is nothing short of paradisiacal for photographers and couples. It is impossible to imagine how beautiful the photos that are shot here are.

Specialty: Sacred river, mountain backdrop.

9- Pondicherry: French Quarter

The cute spot French Quarter in Pondicherry is for couples looking for elegant locations for their pre-wedding photos. They provide a touch of elegance, a hint of yellow hues, and a peek of shades of blue. Anyone is sure to fall in love with Pondicherry due to its vibrant streets, beautiful surroundings, and lively environment that exudes colonial elegance. Pondicherry, one of the top locations in India for pre-wedding photography, is a special place. Choose your best attire and travel to the South to give this spot a “shot”!

Specialty: Colored Streets, French Vibes.

10- Madhya Pradesh: Khajuraho

Khajuraho should be at the top of your bucket list if jaw-droppingly gorgeous architecture, fewer tourists, an air of old-world charm, and ancient traditions describe that one last vacation before the wedding with your fiance. One of the most attractive single-colored locations is Khajuraho, which epitomizes a sense of deep history, love, culture, and customs. If you want your clothes to stand out, this place is an excellent choice.

Specialty: Beautiful architecture, ancient temples, outdoor shoots, traditional vibes.

11- Maharashtra: Jadhavgadh Fort

All couples that admire and value the rich history are welcomed at jandhavgarh Fort. The breathtaking vistas of the Jadhavgadh Fort create a perfect setting that appears straight out of a fairy tale while exuding the energy of the historic city. The rustic ambiance of the fort’s ruins, which are located in Maharashtra, is a favorite among local couples, and it often leaves visitors breathless.

Specialty: Old-world charm, beautiful backdrop, historic building.

12- Maharashtra: Lavasa

Lavasa is a location that possesses an Italian atmosphere and is one of Maharashtra’s quiet but fast-rising man-made hill stations. It would be simple to arrange a pre-wedding photograph in this setting because of the feeling of passion and love. This little, tiny hill station’s contemporary and elegant vibe can make anyone fall in love with it, and it also makes for a beautiful setting for pre-nuptial photos. that people normally cherish for the rest of their lives. Lavasa is undoubtedly among the top locations in India for pre-wedding photography.

Specialty: Italian vibes, neat backdrops.

13- Jammu And Kashmir: Gulmarg

Gulmarg would be the best option if you wanted to replicate those Bollywood movies set in the snow and mountains. With the majestic, snow-covered Himalayas serving as the backdrop and couples enjoying the romance that permeates the environment, Gulmarg is a venue that might be your ticket to the list of never-seen-before destinations for pre-wedding photographs. One of the most romantic and lovely places to visit, especially in the winter, is Gulmarg.

Specialty: Cold breeze, snowflakes, snow-clad mountain backdrop

14- Jammu And Kashmir: Ladakh

Going to Ladakh can be just what you need if you’re looking for diverse tones of clear, vibrant blues. Ladakh is one of the best locations in India for pre-wedding photography since it offers a wonderful balance of adventure and magnificent natural beauty. This location, which has proven to be the most breathtakingly beautiful scene for pre-wedding photographs, is a perfect choice for those hoping to venture off the beaten path and looking for a way to escape the summer hustle.

Specialty: A mountain backdrop, crystal-clear blue waters, and white sand beaches.

15- Karnataka: Hampi

The ideal place to savor a few special moments and see some incredible architecture while you’re there, right before you tie the knot, is Hampi with its beautiful stone ruins and history. India’s east-central Karnataka state is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Hampi. In the fourteenth century, it was made the heart of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire. The second-largest city in the globe during the Middle Ages by 1500 CE was Hampi-Vijayanagara, behind Beijing.

Specialty:  Temples, buildings, and captivating ruins.


Pre-wedding shoot sessions have become so popular that they are now required to be done for an hour, exactly like any other pre-marriage ritual. It is hoped that you already have a venue picked out, as well as a list of the best pre-wedding photoshoots locations in India which you need to know about.

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