Safest Countries For Solo Female

Women from all over the world are preferring to travel solo more than ever before, which is not surprising given that solo travel is one of life’s most exciting experiences. While there has been progressing in the fight for equal rights, traveling alone still represents resistance. Female tourists are slightly alarmed by the fact that there are still many violent crimes committed against women in a few different countries. In the post, you will know the 10 Best and Safest Countries For Solo Female Travel.

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Best 10 Safest Countries For Solo Female Travel

Although this is still inaccurate, I think that some nations are safer for female tourists than others. Thus, here is a list of 10 nations where traveling alone as a woman can be a wonderful experience.

1. Finland 

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For those who enjoy the outdoors, Finland, the country of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, is the ideal vacation destination. There are numerous different wild places, including the region with the most lakes in all of Europe, as well as Lemmenjoki National Park, the largest woodland reserve in Europe.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, Finland is the safest country in the world. Finland is one of the safest countries overall and one of the safest countries in Europe for women to go alone.

2. Canada

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Canada is home to a wide variety of landscapes, including lakes, snow-capped mountains, and woods that have been around for millennia. Its solitude is very lovely and worth the trip. Also, these cities have a distinctive charm and a multicultural feel.

Canada is regarded as the safest location for female travelers out of all the Americas. Many of the safest cities in the world for female travelers traveling alone are found in Canada.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand
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New Zealand, commonly known as Middle Earth to Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, is a land of unearthly vistas and the ideal vacation spot for anyone who enjoys adventure, sports, nature, or any combination of the three. The two main islands that make up this small nation have incredibly distinctive landscapes. In the North Island, you may take advantage of beautiful beaches, erupting volcanoes, and bright lakes. With snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and a vast expanse of open water teaming with seals and whales, the South Island’s terrain is vastly different.

A study by the Institute for Economics and Peace ranked it as the fourth-safest nation in the world to travel in. According to several studies, New Zealand is the nation where women are the safest in the world.

4. Iceland 

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Given that ice covers 15% of its area, Iceland is truly deserving of its name. Even on the ice, you can go exploring and find tunnels. The nation does, however, actually have a lot of fire despite its name. You read that correctly; There are at least 20 active volcanoes in this area. Iceland gives its visitors some very stunning sights between the ice and the fire. Reykjavik, the country’s capital, is highly lovely and has vibrant nightlife.

According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Iceland has one of the lowest rates of crime on the planet. One of the top places for single women looking for female adventure travel is Iceland.

5. Uruguay

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This tiny nation, which is located close to Brazil, is attractive and home to warm-hearted people. You may enjoy the beaches of Montevideo, the country’s capital, which stand in dramatic contrast to the city’s urban core. The most well-known tourist destination in Uruguay, Punta del Este, has beaches, historical sites, and peaceful areas where you may unwind. You can explore a more intimate area in Colonia del Sacramento that is rich in culture and charm.

The crime rate in Uruguay is among the lowest in the Americas. Uruguay is one of the safest places on the continent for female travelers traveling alone!

6. Japan

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Japan is a place where incredibly advanced technology coexists with centuries-old traditions. Yet there’s a lot more to say about this nation.

Tokyo, a sprawling metropolis regarded as the world’s cleanest and most well-run, must be mentioned. And Osaka, a lovely, contemporary city with a wide range of activities.

It’s a suggestion to travel off the beaten path in Japan to locate less-touristy but fantastic areas in addition to viewing the most well-known sites.

The Global Peace Index 

(GPI) places Japan sixth among the world’s most peaceful nations. One of the safest countries in the world for female solo travelers is Japan!

7. Switzerland

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Switzerland, which is in the heart of Europe, has much more to offer than excellent watchmakers. It is a country with a diverse range of beautiful views and urban landscapes that eventually give way to breathtaking natural ones. And also, Switzerland is a nation rich in cultural diversity.

According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Switzerland is the seventh-most peaceful nation in the world. It is one of the safest areas in Europe for women to travel alone and is highly safe for women.

8. Belgium

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Belgium is regarded as a must-see location in Europe for a reason. With a richness of historical sites, top-notch amenities, and several other tourist attractions, the country is a true gem. You may explore the alleys of Brussels and take in medieval architecture, while Bruges has a setting fit for a romantic drama.

On the International Women’s Travel Center’s list of the best nations for women traveling alone, Belgium comes in at number ten in terms of safety. Belgian study abroad programs are well-liked, making it a perfect place for young girls traveling alone to meet other young adults.

9. Austria

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In the eyes of many travelers, Austria is an almost wonderful nation. They assert that because Austrians have one of Europe’s greatest levels of living, problems seem to disappear there. Nevertheless, the nation offers some very unique landscapes, like snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

Austria is ranked fourth in terms of safety among the finest nations for women traveling alone, according to the International Women’s Travel Center. One of the safest nations in Europe for solo travel in Austria.

10. Chile

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Chile is a country of exceptional beauty with a wide variety of attractions that will satisfy even the pickiest tourists. They comprise much of Patagonia’s untamed natural splendor as well as the world’s driest desert, Atacama. It also has busy beaches, historic cities, and great camping areas. With mountains on all sides and a vast range of activities to suit all interests, the capital city of Santiago is particularly remarkable.

Chile is ranked twenty-fourth on the Global Peace Index and has a low crime rate.


I sincerely hope you find this list of the top locations for female solo travelers to be helpful. As female travel alone has spread throughout the world, I hope that this post has given you some inspiration for the safest destinations to visit.

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