How to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot created by OpenAI. It is able to address nearly all of your questions. You could almost have a casual conversation with Google if it were a real person.

How Does ChatGPT Works?

Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) was used to train ChatGPT,  a combination of machine learning and human input.

The ChatGPT interface is simple to use, thanks to the fact that it is minimalistic.  Like a standard messaging app, you can put it in the text box and press Enter.

How To Use ChatGPT?

Questions to Ask ChatGPT

When someone wants to know how something works, they frequently use Google. Try asking ChatGPT in instead of searching the internet about that instead.

ChatGPT differs from its originators in particular because of its attention to controlling highly harmful data.

Can ChatGPT Handle Any Tasks?

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