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North Carolina, a state on the border of the Atlantic coast, is home to beautiful scenery, a lively culture, and a rich history. This state will amaze you with award-winning beach locations and excellent landing areas that will make your beach holiday memorable. It has over 300 miles of white, clean, sandy beach sites & panoramic vistas. In the post, you will know the 10 Best Beaches in NORTH CAROLINA in the USA to Visit in March 2023.

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Best 10 Beaches in NORTH CAROLINA in the USA

This is a list of the top 10 beaches in North Carolina, a collection of undiscovered gems in the Southeast of America, in case you’re organizing an exciting beach holiday in this picturesque state or looking for travel ideas.

1. Emerald Isle Beach in North Carolina

Emerald Isle Beach
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Emerald Isle attracts families year after year with its 12 miles of clean beaches, relaxed vibes, and well-known fishing pier. There are many benefits to settling on this section of sand, including Beach facilities on Emerald Isle, including barbecues, showers, picnic pavilions, and parking. 

A section of the North Carolina Aquarium is located in Pine Knoll Shores, which is also close by, and Indian Beach is also a part of the Crystal Coast region of North Carolina.

2. Bald Head Island Beach in North Carolina

Bald Head Island Beach
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Bald Head Island is the best place for travelers looking for some peace and leisure because it is devoid of cars and only reachable by ferry. The majority of the island’s 12,000 acres remain undeveloped, save for a few seaside rental residences and the renowned Bald Head Island Club golf course, so the 14 miles of shoreline here, including South Beach and North Beach, should be tranquil and immaculate.

It’s also a fantastic location to experience the best of nature, as the island is home to over 260 different bird species, in addition to other animals like alligators and foxes.

3. Cape Hatteras- Manteos Beach in North Carolina

Cape Hatteras- Manteos
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The approximately 70-mile-long Cape Hatteras, which should not be confused with Hatteras Village, is renowned for its pristine beaches that make up Cape Hatteras National Seashore and its black-and-white lighthouse.

The sparsely populated sands are open to off-road vehicles, while there are four campsites nearby. While you’re here, you can reserve a spot to climb the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at nighttime during a full moon and catch a view of sea turtles breeding.

4. Ocracoke Island Beach in North Carolina

Ocracoke Island Beach
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The gorgeous beaches on Ocracoke Island are said to be worthwhile the extra effort, despite the fact that getting there may be more difficult than in other Outer Banks locations. Visitors particularly compliment Lifeguard Beach for its amenities including toilets and water fountains in addition to its safety.

Ocracoke, which can only be reached by boat or by air, is likewise rich in history. The island is well known for having been the former home of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. Also, a few World War II soldiers’ bones are interred in a small British cemetery, and every May, a ceremony is held in their memory.

5. Oak Island Beach in North Carolina

Oak Island Beach
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This peaceful island, which is located about 30 miles southwest of Wilmington, has 65 public beach access sites, 10 of which are disability accessible, as well as two fishing piers. Both Long Beach and Caswell Beach, which have wide sands and welcoming environments, are highly praised by tourists. 

You can reach Southport, where several movies, including “A Walk to Remember,” I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and “Safe Haven,” was filmed, with just a 12-mile trip. In addition, Southport has a lot of regional seafood eateries and charming stores. 

6. Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina

Wrightsville Beach
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A vacation to Wrightsville Beach will be appreciated by beachgoers who are active. The beach’s crystal-clear seas and the surroundings around it provide opportunities for everything from jogging trails and golf courses to kayaking, surfing, and scuba diving. 

But there is also room for those who would prefer to relax on the sand. There are over 40 distinct locations where you may reach the beach, and many of them provide bathrooms and showers. Visit one of the many pubs or restaurants for a meal, a drink, and live music after spending the day in the sun.

7. Atlantic Beach in North Carolina

Atlantic Beach
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One of North Carolina’s most developed beach areas, Atlantic Beach is about 12 miles north of Emerald Isle. It offers many family-friendly activities like a fishing pier and bike and water sport equipment rentals. 

Four clearly marked walking pathways have been created throughout the city as part of the Walk Atlantic Beach program to encourage visitors to explore on foot. You may easily travel from here to the Pine Knoll Shores aquarium and the Civil War-era Fort Macon State Park.

8. Sunset Beach in North Carolina

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There is no doubt that this stunning beach site deserves a place on this list because it is widely regarded as one of the top beaches in the world.

If you enjoy taking in the expansive vista of the sun rising over the ocean, make Sunset Beach your preferred location. Surprisingly, this beach location is distinct from all south-facing beaches in North Carolina. This beach is in a special location where you can enjoy the stunning dawn and sunset.

9. Kitty Hawk Beach in North Carolina

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The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright lived at Kitty Hawk, which is primarily known for being the location of neighboring Kill Devil Hills, where they made the first flight in 1903. Presently, Kitty Hawk is visited for its beach, which has golden sand and allows dogs. 

It’s a fantastic location for outdoor recreation as well. Travelers will find about 2,000 acres and a variety of chances for sports, including hiking and kayaking, in the town’s Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve.

10. Duck Beach in North Carolina

Duck Beach
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This little community lies south of Corolla and represents the essence of the Outer Banks. There are many rental homes available, ranging in size from modest to large, but there aren’t many hotels and not much development. And both residents and visitors agree that this is ideal. 

The beaches themselves are huge and provide lots of chances to collect seashells. Be sure to check out the Duck Jazz Festival if you’re traveling during the shoulder seasons, which takes place in October.


North Carolina won’t let you down if you like to relax on the beach, sit in a hot tub in the mountains, go on a challenging climb, or tour a charming, historic town.

It is hoped that you already have your favorite beach picked out from the list of the best 10 beach locations in North Carolina that you need to know about.

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